Our Parenting Resource Centre



This centre is one of its kind, set up with the intention of empowering and supporting all parents-  expectant parents, new parents, parents of toddlers to teenagers! We aim to help you understand your child, develop parenting skills and build deeper connection in your family.


  • Come visit us to attend talks, meet and discuss parenting challenges with other parents.

  • Borrow books from our specialized parenting library.

  • Come with your baby or toddler to know more of the science of caring for children.

  • Join our parenting course or opt for one on one coaching.

Our intention is to create a space for conversations and exchange of ideas on raising children with compassion and care.

ADDRESS: B7 Ramanalaya Apartments, No.11 , 1st Crescent Park Road,Gandhi Nagar,Adyar

TIMINGS: All Weekdays 10 am -1 pm

PHONE NO.: 95660 75368 ( Please call between 10 am - 5 pm only )



 Every week we offer short talks on subjects of interest and challenge to parents. We will have a short presentation followed by a group discussion. These sessions will provide an introduction to this topic, get you started on exploring your ideas and sharing views with other parents to get a variety of perspectives.


These are interactive hands on sessions aimed to help parents build parenting skills. In these workshops you will go deeper into this subject, learn tools which will help you build deeper connection in your family and nurture your child’s full potential. Each workshop is on a specific topic and spans around 3-4 hours.

Parent and Baby Program : 

Come with your baby(upto 14 months old) for a program which would help you support your child in interacting with other children and learning social skills.

Your baby is just exploring the world of social relationships. He may see another child with a toy he wants and does not know how to ask for it so he grabs it. She may get frustrated that another child is not playing the way she wants and may hit out. Or might throw a tantrum because the he is not getting his turn at the  slide.

What can parents do to help their children handle such situations and develop the skills to interact with others. What can parents do to help young children manage those big feelings which come up for them because they do not as yet have the language skills. 

In this program we invite parents to come in with their babies. We will have play and activities and use these opportunities to learn from certified parent educators about what children need,  how to facilitate their interaction with other children and how help them while setting limits with love and empathy.  

 Parenting Course:

For those who would like to do a comprehensive course we have designed a 20 hour program as we found that learning and developing our parenting skills takes time and effort!  This course  helps you understand yourself as a parent, understand the needs of your child,develop communication that builds connection and foster inner discipline in your child.

Having worked with parents since 2004, we found that parents benefit most from an ongoing program in which they get exposed to parenting concepts, learn and apply new skills, and come back week after week to share their experiences.Hence this course is spread out over ten weeks with 2 hour sessions once a week. These sessions are interactive. Through exercises and discussions and practice sessions parents are empowered with the science of parenting  and skills that help them build a relationship which enables them to  to guide their children more effectively.

Typically a group has 15-25 participants.

Library :

 We have a library of specialised parenting books carefully selected by our team. There are  books on a range of parenting topics such as discipline, communication, self esteem, food and healthy eating, learning and multiple intelligences, pregnancy, bullying, gender and sexuality, raising girls, raising boys, brain science and parenting, tantrums, potty training,weaning, parenting a single child, adoption, teenagers and much much more. We also have children's  books which parents can read to their children/ or borrow for their children to read to help them with specific issues such as understanding body changes/ puberty, preparation for school, preparation for a sibling, etc. Our team members will spend time to help you choose the right book for you according to your needs.  Click here for the list of books in our library


Fees per participant:

Talks - Rs.300 per session

Parent and Baby Program - Rs.1500 for 5 sessions.

Online Parenting course- Rs. 6500 for ten sessions ( payable at the end of session 1) - For details of this course click here.

Building your Child's Self- Esteem Course - Rs.3000 for 6 sessions (payable at end of session 1)

Positive Discipine Course -Rs.3000 for 6 sessions (payable at end of session 1)

Parenting Teenagers Module - Rs.3000 for 6 sessions (payable at the end of session 1)
Saturday Workshops - Rs.750 per session

Library membership- Non refundable deposit of Rs.800/- and borrowing charges of Rs. 50 per book per month. Late fee of Rs.50 per week after the stipulated one month period is over.